7 Hallmarks of Skin Aging: How Pegasus Serum Takes Them On

7 Hallmarks of Skin Aging: How Pegasus Serum Takes Them On

by Parallel Health Team

Maintaining healthy and resilient skin is a top priority for me because I have fairly sensitive skin prone to allergies. So, I'm excited to introduce you to my secondary serum, Pegasus. While my primary serum, Cassiopeia, tackles breakouts and fine lines simultaneously, Pegasus has a unique set of benefits.

PS-1 Everyday Phage Complex: A Shield Against S. aureus

One of the standout features of Pegasus is its inclusion of the PS-1 Everyday Phage Complex. This complex is a true superhero in the world of skincare, as it targets S. aureus bacteria—a pathogenic microbe commonly found on our skin. S. aureus is associated with various skin issues, including eczema and hydradenitis suppurativa, often causing dryness, redness, and hypersensitivity. As someone with sensitive skin prone to allergies, I've found that Pegasus helps strengthen my skin's resilience, making it less reactive and more resistant to these issues.

Anti-Aging Support:

While both Cassiopeia and Pegasus offer anti-aging benefits, they do so in distinct ways. Pegasus takes an alternative approach by incorporating a unique blend of peptides. As collagen production declines with age, peptides like Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 can help combat the signs of aging. These peptides work tirelessly to support skin elasticity and stimulate collagen growth, two essential factors in maintaining youthful skin.

Tackling the 7 Hallmarks of Skin Aging:

Using both Cassiopeia and Pegasus together enables me to address a broader spectrum of the seven Hallmarks of Skin Aging. While Cassiopeia primarily focuses on controlling breakouts and improving fine lines and wrinkles, Pegasus bolsters skin resilience and promotes elasticity and collagen production—a true one-two punch against the aging process.

Pegasus, the anti-aging marvel, is a valuable addition to your skincare arsenal. With its PS-1 Everyday Phage Complex and collagen-boosting peptides, it offers a unique approach to combating skin aging while enhancing skin resilience. 

Discover Your Ideal Skincare Regimen

Understanding your skin's unique needs and microbiome type is essential for crafting the perfect skincare regimen. To embark on your personalized skincare journey, I encourage you to take our Skin Discovery Test or schedule a chat with Dr. Shankar. This month, we're offering complimentary chats with him to help you achieve your skin goals.

Written by: Natalise Kalea Robinson, CEO + Co-Founder


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