Parallel's Odor Discovery Test is the most advanced, quantitative skin microbiome test on the market today, allowing you to swab your armpits and understand your skin’s microbial ecosystem as it pertains to your natural and unique scent. 

HSA/FSA Eligible

What's included:

  • A report revealing your Skin Microbiome Typeand bacterial assessment 
  • 1:1 clinical consultation with doctor certified in Microbiome Dermatology
  • Holistic recommendations across food and skincare ingredients
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How to Use

Conducting this test is really simple and easy, requiring 1 minute for each of the two swabs. Video and written instructions included in every kit.

What's Included

2 individually-wrapped swabs
2 laboratory test tubes
1 set of gloves
1 pre-paid return envelope
1 mini plastic bag for return

Expected Shipping Date

Ships in 24-48 hours

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