Our mission is to empower you

By discovering your Skin Microbiome Type™, we can provide true personalization when it comes to skincare and, even, prescriptions.

Using cutting-edge whole genome sequencing, we can enable you to understand your skin on a microbial level, which correlates to skin health, age, and balance.

We know what it's like to try a bunch of products only to find out that they aren't right for us. We're here to change that paradigm. We believe you are unique, and, therefore, your skin health regimen should be, too. With Parallel, our mission is to empower you to achieve your highest skin goals and dare to be your best self.

Know Our Science

Our Team

Natalise Kalea Robinson

Co-Founder + CEO
Stanford MBA | Stanford BA
Serial Startup Leader

Nathan Brown

Co-Founder + Chief Science Officer
Oregon St. PhD Microbiology | Univ. Leicester, UK, Post-doc Microbiologist + Phage Expert

Dr. Jigar Patel

Chief Medical Officer
Eastern Virginia, BA, MD | Chief Resident, Duke Board-Certified Dermatologist & Mohs Surgeon

Dr. Shankar Mundluru

Head of Operations

Karl Nislow

Head of Finance

Dr. Rebekah Dedrick, PhD

Head of Phage Science

Aavi Bhakta

Phage Scientist

Catie Tanji

Marketing Associate

Mia Zakaria

Formulation Scientist

Our Advisors


Dr. Vish Banthia

Board Certified Facial Plastic / Otolaryngology Surgeon
Stanford, UCSF, MD

Dr. Vip Soni

Board Certified Dermatologist / MOHS Surgeon
Stanford BS / UCLA MD

Dr. Malcolm Pyles

Dermatologist in Residence,
Cleveland Clinic
Stanford MD, MBA

Dr. Gary Motykie

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon,
Beverly Hills
Northwestern MD, MBA


Dr. Chris Callewaert

Microbiology, Bioengineering
Specialty: Skin, Armpit
Ghent University, MS, PhD

Dr. David Karig

Microbiology, Bioengineering
Specialty: Skin, Aging
Princeton, MA, PhD

Dr. Dominic Sauvageau

Chemical EngineeringSpecialty: Phage, Materials EngineeringMcGill University, MS, PhD

Feras Al-Zubaidy

Bioprocessing Engineering
Specialty: Production Scale Up
DeMontfort Univ., MS


Anthony McKinney

CEO @ Ethismos Research
Specialty: Drug Development
Thunderbird, MBA

Stephanie Robertson

Former New Ventures @ J&J
Specialty: Partnerships
UC Berkeley, Chemistry + Biophysics PhD


CMO @ StockX
FormerCMO @ Birchbox
Harvard, MBA


CEO @ Flightpath Biosciences
Serial Entrepreneur
U of Texas Austin, MBA

Steven Khuong-modified.png__PID:ed55bda1-ec20-4ad3-82da-89e55b5faf26


Co-founder/Former CEO @ Curacubby
Specialty: Go-To-Market, Sales
UC Berkeley, BA


Paul Alexander

Engineering, Big Data
Speciality: HIPAA, Bio-med
U of Chicago, MA