Skin Discovery Test

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Parallel's Skin Discovery Test allows you to understand your skin health and age to support clarity and better aging. Parallel uses the most advanced sequencing technology available today. This kit contains four swabs and two oil strips to test different areas of your facial skin microbiome. The resulting skin health report provides an assessment of your skin microbiome type, skin age, bacterial assessment, as well as holistic recommendations across food and skincare ingredients. We also identify bacterial overgrowth associated with acne-prone and eczema-prone skin, along with imbalances associated with other skin issues correlated with melasma, rosacea, psoriasis, and hidradenitis suppurativa. By understanding your skin microbiome, you can choose the right products at the right time. Conducting the test is easy, requiring less than a minute. Video tutorials and step-by-step instructions available with every kit. Results provided within 2-3 weeks.10-min consultation with Parallel physician included.

Why your skin microbiome is important:

There is an entire ecosystem of microbes that lives on your skin, otherwise known as your skin microbiome. Just like you, your skin microbiome is unique. Scientists now understand that your skin microbiome changes, on average, twice per year. However, it can sometimes fluctuate more often, but especially if you're going through a life change -- whether that change has to do with diet, environment, new partners, new fur-babies, or stress. The state of your skin microbiome is vastly important to your health: when in balance, your skin microbiome can help support skin health, resilience, and aging; when out-of-balance, your skin microbiome can result in inflammation, redness, blemishes & breakouts, and advanced aging.

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How to Use

Conducting this test is really simple and easy, requiring 1 minute for all four swabs. Video and written instructions included in every kit.

What's Included

4 individually-wrapped swabs
4 laboratory test tubes
2 oil test strips
1 set of gloves
1 pre-paid return envelope
2 mini plastic bags for return

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Ships in 24-48 hours

Skin Discovery Test

Skin Discovery Test

Regular price $295.00
Sale price $295.00 Regular price

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