Parallel's Skin Discovery Test is the most advanced, quantitative skin microbiome test on the market today, featuring four swabs for different facial areas.

HSA/FSA Eligible

What's included:

  • A report revealing your Skin Microbiome Type, skin age, and bacterial assessment associated with acne-prone and eczema-prone skin, along with imbalances associated with melasma, rosacea, psoriasis, and hidradenitis suppurativa
  • 1:1 clinical consultation with doctor certified in Microbiome Dermatology
  • Holistic recommendations across food and skincare ingredients
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How to Use

Conducting this test is really simple and easy, requiring 1 minute for all four swabs. Video and written instructions included in every kit.

What's Included

4 individually-wrapped swabs
4 laboratory test tubes
2 oil test strips
1 set of gloves
1 pre-paid return envelope
2 mini plastic bags for return

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Ships in 24-48 hours

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This Product Changed My Skin!

Most recently, I have battled persistent acne, and it seemed nothing I tried could truly clear my skin. New breakouts appeared weekly, and I grew increasingly frustrated as expensive cleansers, serums, prescription medications, and facials failed to provide lasting results.

Then, I discovered this facial product, and it has absolutely transformed my skin! The breakouts have ceased entirely, and my complexion is the clearest it's ever been. I have integrated these serums into my daily skincare routine, and I will never go back.