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Powered by Parallel’s unique, high-titer phage technology, we are proud to offer eight different targeted, custom active phage serums for eight different skin microbiome types. The right active phage serum can naturally roll back your bad bacteria and enable good bacteria to flourish, supporting balance, clarity, and radiance. Dermatologist-approved, for healthy, youthful, more resilient skin.

Which hero active phage serum should you choose? 
Type 1 – Phoenix
Type 2 – Orion
Type 3 – Cassiopeia
Type 4 – Cepheus
Type 5 – Hercules
Type 6 – Pegasus
Type 7 – Hydra
Type 8 – Delphinus

If you've conducted your skin microbiome test with Parallel's Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit, you've already unlocked the hero active phage serum that is right for you. Simply choose the serum that corresponds with your skin microbiome type. All of our eight different targeted serums have been scientifically formulated for a specific skin microbiome type, containing a phage cocktail that combats specific problem strains of bacteria, synergistically combined with key ingredients that superboost your skin microbiome.

If you haven't yet conducted your skin microbiome test, we strongly encourage you to purchase this product, along with the Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit to find out which custom phage serum works best for your skin microbiome type. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase both products together.

When it's time to re-order
As part of our commitment to sustainability, please note that the outer glass package, cap, and dispenser are meant to be re-used. When it's time to soon re-order, simply order the "Refill" option on this page. Keep all of the main components and recycle your old refill insert when done. Note: by ordering a refill unit, you will receive the same serum unless you have conducted another Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit that recommends a different variation.

Want access to a discount?
Purchase the Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit Bundle, which comes with the Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit and the first bottle of your custom active phage serum (4-6 week supply). Note: your custom active phage serum ships once your results are released (2-3 weeks).

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