Announcing: Partnership with Illumina

Announcing: Partnership with Illumina

by Natalise Kalea Robinson

Launching a company is hard. Certainly a few factors like cutting-edge technology, a special insight, funding, and a brilliant team can help. But, at the end of the day, I’ve experienced that it’s not easy; founders have to be in the trenches, getting our hands dirty and investing our heart and energy into building something special -- day by day, brick by brick. 

And because it requires so much time and personal sacrifice, it’s been important to make sure our partners are people who we are fans of, as human beings, but also people whom we respect, can learn from, and even call us out if we’re veering in the wrong direction.

That’s why we’re so incredibly excited to be joining the Illumina Accelerator family as we join its 12th cohort. We’re honored to be partnering with such an innovative company that has paved the way for genomic sequencing, as a whole, and has made a difference for people all over the world through its work in health tech. 

And furthermore, we’re grateful to be in good company. Together with eight other amazingly innovative companies from the US and the UK, we’ll all be driving to achieve advancements in health technology. Illumina’s CTO, Alex Aravanis, says:

Our newest investments demonstrate the depth and breadth of genomics applications across the globe. These nine genomics startups are focused on discovering breakthrough therapeutics, diagnostics, and direct-to-consumer applications to transform human health and beyond.

Certainly the last year has taught us that we must lean into science for answers -- and that we’re capable of achieving great advancements, rapidly and efficiently. So we’re humbled to be a part of this larger movement in biotech to ambitiously envision a world where health can be more elevated, more cutting-edge, more democratic, more precise, and more personalized.

At Parallel, our mission is to unlock the skin microbiome for people all over the world so that this idea of “trial and error” in skincare, and skin health more broadly, can be a thing of the past. We believe you’re unique, and that your skin is, too. You deserve precise and personalized solutions. And we’re making it possible.
Stay tuned as we progress. And if you have questions about the skin microbiome, microbial DNA sequencing, or your skincare regimen, feel free to reach out:

Also, if you’re interested in participating in our IRB-approved research study on the skin microbiome, we welcome you to sign up HERE. You must be 18 and older and live in the US.

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About Parallel

A parallel world lives amongst us: the microbial world. This world impacts not only our lifespan, but also our healthspan. 

Our mission is to empower people with real science to make meaningful decisions to improve their healthspan. 

Parallel is a microbial diagnostics and next-level skincare company that aims to revolutionize skin health by providing deep insight and true personalization, through best-in-class testing and targeted, clean microbial formulations.

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