Q: Is my acne caused by food choices or a bacterial overgrowth?

Q: Is my acne caused by food choices or a bacterial overgrowth?

by Parallel Health Team

A: Both. Diet plays a crucial role in acne. Broadly speaking, consuming high-glycemic foods and dairy can contribute to acne flare-ups. These foods impact insulin levels, leading to increased sebum production, which can be food for pathogenic bacteria. However, it's crucial to recognize that the impact of diet on acne is highly individual, varying from person to person.

Hence, a pivotal factor in acne lies in understanding and addressing the specific bacteria on your skin. Bacterial overgrowth, especially the proliferation of C. acnes can lead to lesions, redness, and inflammation.

The interplay between diet and bacterial overgrowth is intricate. Recognizing this complexity, our Skin Discovery Kits identify which bacteria are present on your skin and recommends food and skincare ingredients suitable for you. By understanding your skin microbiome, you can create a holistic regimen to manage breakouts effectively.


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