Anti-Aging Subscription

The Anti-Aging Protocol has been curated for those who wish to decelerate their rate of skin aging and specifically improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

This discovery kit comes with three precision products: 
1) Skin Discovery Test, revealing Skin Microbiome Type™, Skin Age, and optimization guidance
2) Custom Active Phage Serum monthly to slow down your rate of skin aging
3) Personalized Prescription monthly to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
4) Concierge Care which includes a full skin health assessment by a doctor and timely communication to answer any of your skin health questions via secure messaging

Key Details:

  • This plan includes a complimentary Skin Test every 6 orders
  • This plan requires a minimum of a three-month commitment
  • Currently only available in CA, NY, FL, and TX

Live outside of these states? Shop our Skin Optimizing Protocol.

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How to Use

TEST: Conducting this test is really simple and easy, requiring 1 minute for all four swabs. Written instructions included in every kit. Return shipping also included.

ACTIVE PHAGE SERUM: Your targeted serum will be shipped the week you receive your Skin Microbiome test results. Once received, use 2-3 pumps per application, twice a day to start, morning and evening, after you've gently cleansed and dried your face.

ANTI-AGING PRESCRIPTION: You will be asked to fill out a health survey and securely submit pictures. A clinician will evaluate your responses, and our medical team will formulate your customized prescription. The team will take into account your medical conditions, current and past medications, skin care products, and personal goals. Once formulated, you will receive notification of the components of your personalized prescription, and it will be mailed directly to you.

Note on service area: This bundle is only available in the states where we can send prescriptions: CA, FL, NY, TX. If your mailing address is outside of these four states, you can still access our Balancing Starter Kit, which includes our advanced test kit and active phage serum. Simply note in your profile that you are especially interested in anti-aging.

What's Included


Using the most advanced sequencing technology today, Parallel's Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit allows you to understand your skin health and age to support clarity and better aging. This kit contains four swabs and two oil strips to test different areas of your facial skin microbiome. The resulting skin health report provides an assessment of your skin microbiome type, skin age, bacterial assessment, as well as holistic recommendations across food and skincare ingredients. By understanding your skin microbiome, you can choose the right products at the right time. Conducting the test is easy, requiring less than a minute. Video tutorials and step-by-step instructions available with every kit. Results provided within 2-3 weeks. 10-min consultation with Parallel physician included.


After receiving your skin microbiome report, Parallel will automatically ship your first bottle of Active Phage Serum (4-6 week supply) that’s right for your skin microbiome type. We will ensure that you receive the right serum that also includes advanced and unique anti-aging ingredients that promote a more youthful appearance. With this bundle, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your custom phage serum.


Your personalized prescription will be uniquely crafted with the most advanced and proprietary anti-aging, clinical-grade ingredients, optimized to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, 11s, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, tear troughs, bunny lines, mental crease, and neck lines. Botox in a bottle… without the botox. Our product respects the balance of a healthy skin microbiome and supports skin clarity, resilience, and better aging.

Expected Shipping Date

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Anti-Aging Subscription

Anti-Aging Subscription

Regular price $295.00
Sale price $295.00 Regular price $680.00